Why more and more famous brand packaging handbags began to use kraft paper handbags?

2020-05-11  841

I believe we should know that when we went to a famous brand store to buy clothes, pants and shoes a few years ago, the handbags that were taken away from the shopping guide for packaging were basically plastic. However, in recent years, we suddenly found that many famous brand shoes and clothes stores began to use kraft paper handbags. What's the matter.

1. Kraft paper bag, as a new environmental protection material, has the advantages of easy decomposition and recycling. As an international enterprise, kraft paper bag is also selected to conform to the trend of social environmental protection.

2. Compared with other paper bags (such as white card paper bag, black card paper bag and special paper bag), kraft paper bag is cheaper. As a fast fashion brand enterprise, the most cost control is always a priority.

3. In terms of cost, the biggest difference between fast fashion enterprises and luxury industry is the appearance effect of paper bags. Zara's core competitiveness lies in its success and rapid change of styles. This is the place where we need to pay a high price for special research. Zara paper bag only appears as a portable function, and its technological requirements are very low. A simple monochrome printing can fully achieve its goal, while kraft paper bag is the most affordable combination of monochrome printing.

The opposite is the luxury goods industry. Those paper bags with complicated processes that make you dizzy can't be realized with kraft paper bags.

That's why I think Zara uses kraft paper shopping bags. In fact, we also see that more and more domestic enterprises are using kraft paper bags, such as Anta, Li Ning and so on.

On the one hand, the kraft paper handbag responds to the call of environmental protection, on the other hand, it is also considered for customers. Compared with the plastic handbag, the quality of the kraft paper handbag is obviously better, and the number of recycling is more