The express box can be shockproof, and the straw bagasse can be fully degraded. These new green packages are powerful

2020-05-09  813

The ingenious express box can be shockproof without filling; the straw and bagasse that can't be seen can be made into a fully degradable green lunch box

The municipal development and Reform Commission organized the launch day of Beijing energy conservation publicity week in 2019 and the work conference of the first green packaging design solicitation activity,

A batch of ingenious design solutions for over packaging of express delivery, takeout, food, etc. are presented to promote the market to solve the pain points.

Last September, the first green packaging design solicitation activity in Beijing was launched. After 8 months of solicitation,

It has received works submitted by competitors from 24 provinces and autonomous regions including Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Guangdong, Sichuan, Shandong, Inner Mongolia, etc., with more than 20 enterprises and 40 universities

Participate. In total, 199 effective works were received, including 187 design works (88 food works, 54 express works, 45 take out works) and 12 solutions.

After expert review, three best design works (2 for food and 1 for express) were selected,

11 excellent design works (3 in food, 3 in express delivery and 5 in take out), and 2 in excellent organization award. Some of the winning works start with raw materials,

Use bagasse, wheat straw and other biomass materials to make packaging, reduce the use of plastic products; some start from the design of structure, through physical structure design

To reduce the use of fillers and plastic bags; some start with multiple recycling and echelon use to maximize the value of packaging materials.

Opening the express packaging, businesses to ensure that goods are not damaged, often stuffed with foam, inflatable bags, etc., these disposable fillers,

In the end, it can only be thrown into the dustbin. The best design award of express delivery - a shockproof express packaging design work without filling and self support can solve this problem.

The idea of this design work comes from the "Z" shape structure. The inside of the package is divided into many parts by the way of punching, and the space size of the fixed items is determined according to the size of the items,

The placement of goods can not only save the packing materials in the packing box, but also guarantee the stability of the products.

The inflatable express bag (box) organized by Beijing University of science and technology was selected as the excellent design award. Inspired by the neck bolster,

The inflatable technology is applied to express packaging to make reusable inflatable express bags and boxes, which are suitable for the packaging and transportation of various items, especially for the transportation and packaging of valuables or fragile items.

A large number of take out white plastic lunch boxes are also the big pain points to be solved this time. In this takeout excellent design award,

A green environmental protection material lunch box uses straw as the main material, and can be made into food packaging such as lunch box and water cup through the blending process of straw powder and polylactic acid and other fully degradable plastics.

Another special design for take out dumplings, with thickened kraft paper with PE waterproof film as the main material, mainly to solve the problem of take out dumplings, through ingenious design and layout to make dumplings

Dumpling soup and small materials are placed in a reasonable place, which not only saves the time of delivery and packing, but also solves the embarrassment of "no soup to buy dumplings".

The best design award for food is a convenient milk box, which can reduce the use of plastic mainly. The design is based on Tetra Pak packaging, and the straw is built-in,

When drinking, you only need to tear off the paper film to drink milk through the straw, which can not only save the plastic packaging of the straw, but also simplify the traditional three steps of "removing the straw, tearing off the straw packaging, and inserting the straw" into one.

The relevant person in charge of the municipal development and Reform Commission said that the green packaging design solicitation activity collected a batch of excellent packaging design works, which played a guiding and exemplary role,

Through the promotion and use of green packaging, the reduction, reuse and recycling of packaging materials from the source are realized, so as to reduce the amount of garbage from the source and protect the ecological environment

The purpose of energy conservation. Next, relevant government departments will summarize the experience of this activity in time and promote the practical application of excellent design works,

Support industry associations to build a supply and demand cooperation platform, and promote the effective connection between application enterprises and design works.