Where's the rest of the teacups? In Shanghai, they became mobile phone cases, environmental bags and Luggage Tags

2020-05-09  543

Cheng Qi, a reporter from, reported on October 25 that what can be done with the milk tea cup after drinking it? One recycled milk tea cup can be made into two mobile phone cases, three environmental protection bags, and one 1.1 milk tea cup can be made into one luggage tag Today, an environmental protection flash shop based on the recycling of plastic milk tea cups is unveiled in raffles, Changning, Shanghai. Here, you can not only see the whole recycling process of plastic lunch boxes, but also buy various peripherals made of milk tea cups, such as handbags, mobile phone shells, luggage cards, etc. the flash shop lasts until November 10.

It is reported that the green flash shop is jointly built by the green mountain plan of meituan takeout and Xicha, which aims to remind people to explore green lifestyle with sustainable thinking. According to the person in charge of the activity, since the middle of August this year, meituan takeout and Xicha have jointly launched the plan of recycling Xicha cups in 12 Xicha stores in Shanghai. Up to now, they have collected 1000 kg of plastic cups,

And recycled 4000 fashionable and environmentally friendly peripheral products, including handbags, mobile phone cases and luggage tags. At the same time, the amount of money sold around the event site will be donated to China Environmental Protection Foundation (NGO) to support a series of environmental sustainability projects.

The reporter learned that there are three artistic areas in the environmental protection flash shop, including super green art exhibition, renewable photography exhibition and renewable art device jointly built with super plant company. In these areas, the audience can feel the natural artistic atmosphere of the combination of cups, lids, paper bags and various plants, and also have an aesthetic tour of the regenerative art photography exhibition. Among them, there are four regeneration art devices in the environmental protection flash shop, which can crush, clean, heat melt and inject milk tea cups, so as to turn them into inspiration green surrounding areas, such as key chain, luggage tag, etc., and also let the audience experience the whole process of environmental protection regeneration of milk tea cups in a short distance.

The "idea" of milk tea cup recycling comes from the Qingshan plan of meituan takeout, which started on August 31, 2017, and is dedicated to promoting the solution of environmental protection problems in takeout industry. "With the improvement of people's awareness of environmental protection, the delivery platform is also aware of its own environmental responsibility and platform value," said the person in charge of the Qingshan plan This flash event can be called a large-scale environmental protection mobilization with both attitude and creativity. It uses new ideas to convey ideas, uses science popularization to pry ideas, makes sustainable ideas deeply rooted in people's hearts, and uses creativity to increase environmental protection value.