After 20 years of living, we found that 2 plastic foam in the tea cup solved the problem of every family.

2020-05-09  755

This milk tea cup we have drunk, please don't throw it away, change it a little, put it at home, it's also a small helper that can receive it. Let's have a look.

Let's split it one divides into two. We only leave this part of the bottle cap, and then find a plastic foam.

This plastic foam is available in general couriers. Then we put the lid on the top and draw the size of the lid.

It's almost that big. Then let's cut it off

If you cut it, you can cut it in a little bit, a little bit smaller. Let's split it in two, leave only this part of the bottle cap, and then find a sponge

After cutting, let's squeeze some hot melt glue on it,

Squeeze it and stick it to our cup lid. Let it cool for a while.

OK, that's good

So our bottom just cut a same size and shape, and put it in the bottom

What's the use of this?

Then we can put our stitches in this.

Then there are some small buttons, including our small buttons, which can also be stored in it together, so it's very neat

Then our needle can be inserted on this

You can have a very good storage in this way.

When we open it, it's directly our sewing box. All the needles are stored on it. If we take things in it, we won't worry about our hands being pierced by needles

How to make a good use of the waste? Then our sewing boxes don't need to be bought specially

In fact, we can also spread our thinking. We can make such a sewing box. Not only can we use the milk tea box, but also the old tea box and the canned fruit box that we have eaten. Compared with this, the two of them have better sealing effect and longer use time.