What is modern packaging design?

2020-05-11  681

When we have brand design needs and packaging design needs, we should first find out what is packaging?

Is the packaging design what you think of as the box design, the container for the goods? Is this understanding too narrow-minded.

The traditional explanation of packaging is as follows: in order to protect products, facilitate storage and transportation, and promote sales in the process of circulation, packaging is the general name of containers, materials and auxiliary materials used according to certain technical methods; marketing packaging focuses on strategic planning and becomes a broad sense of packaging. Secondly, packaging design can also dress someone or something up or try to help him achieve his goal in some way.

The elements of packaging planning and design include packaging object, material, shape, structure, protection technology, visual communication, etc. To extend the modern brand packaging design, there are also experienced on-site environment, on-site shelf display packaging, personnel clothing packaging, personnel language packaging, etc. to some extent, in order to achieve the on-site sales effect, the design of the exclusive store is a comprehensive brand experience packaging design, involving complex content, but it must be completed around the core concept of the brand. The specific operation, like the product packaging design concept, is to impress the audience and sell the product to consumers.

Specifically, the design of commodity packaging should include trademark or brand, shape, color, pattern and material.

Brand packaging marketing strategy

The ultimate goal of packaging is to sell, not only the beautiful design of packaging pattern, but also the clear marketing strategy.

① Good identification; ② clear pertinence;

The space design of exclusive stores also needs to be packaged with the concept of product packaging design, sell the whole brand, and create a good experience and reputation for the audience.