Don't throw away the take out packing box. It's practical to simply transform it, which solves many problems at home

2020-05-09  570

I usually don't want to cook at home, so I take out my mobile phone to order takeout, which can satisfy our appetite

It also saves us cooking time. There will be a packing box outside the takeout. After we eat the takeout, remember not to throw it away as garbage,

Simple transformation is very practical in the home, which can solve many problems in the home.

Take out packing box can be divided into round box and square box. After transformation, the magic effect is not the same. Let's take a look at them separately~

1、 Round packing box

We clean the round packing box and then put it on the table. Then we cut a semicircle at the bottom of the box with the art knife and put it on the sink in the kitchen.

After washing dishes and chopsticks every time, we leave Baijie cloth casually, which is not only unsanitary but also inconvenient for our family. We can put Baijie cloth in the modified packing box, and it is very convenient to cut off the semicircle side for draining.

2、 Square packing box

Take off the cover of the square packing box, and then cut a small rectangular opening at the bottom of the box with an art knife. After cutting, we can put the toilet paper in it. The opening at the bottom of the box is just the opening for pulling the paper, and finally fasten the cover.

We can put it in the toilet, which can not only prevent the toilet paper from getting damp, but also can be easily pulled at any time when we forget to bring the toilet paper.