On the important position of packaging design in product marketing

2020-05-11  801

Packaging is the external expression and marketing means of products. For packaging, many countries have laid down a simple and clear definition. For example, in the United States, packaging is a preparation for the transportation and sale of products; in the United Kingdom, packaging is an art, science and technology preparation for the transportation and sale of goods; in Canada, packaging is a tool to deliver products to customers or consumers by suppliers and keep products in good condition; China's definition of packaging is: in the circulation process to protect products, facilitate storage and transportation, promote the sale of accessories and so on. Nowadays, people's understanding of packaging is more full, giving a broader meaning. From the point of view of system theory, a complete packaging concept is formed by combining the purpose, requirements, elements, functions and practical operation of packaging.

Whether a commodity has good sales performance must be tested by the market. In the whole marketing process, packaging plays an extremely important role. It uses its own image language to communicate with consumers, to affect the first emotion of consumers, and when consumers first see it, they are interested in the products it packages. It can not only promote success but also lead to failure. The packaging without highlight will let consumers sweep by. With the continuous development and improvement of China's market economy, the majority of consumers have become increasingly mature and rational, and the market gradually shows the characteristics of "buyer's market", which not only increases the difficulty of product marketing, but also makes the packaging design meet unprecedented challenges, driving the packaging of products to grasp the consumer psychology of the public, and to develop towards a more scientific and higher level.

Finally, we warn the major enterprises:

As far as possible, the packaging of enterprise products should not be imitated or identical with other packaging. Instead, new materials, new processes, new patterns and new shapes should be adopted to give consumers a new feeling. For example, packaging made of renewable and degradable materials is more popular, which not only facilitates consumers, but also conforms to the trend of environmental protection and sets up a good image for enterprises. Convenient packaging strategy. When designing and purchasing product packaging, enterprises should always consider bringing convenience to consumers in terms of purchasing, carrying, using and keeping. In order to facilitate the purchase of consumers, enterprises will form a variety of packaging or combination packaging of products with different styles, uses and tastes.