You may not have thought of the wonderful use of straws

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Straw is something we often use in our daily life, but do you know what other small uses straw can be used for besides drinks? Let's have a look!

Wonderful use 1: make a Panpipe

It can be used as a teaching aid for children.

Material: straw, tape.

Method: prepare the straw, cut it with scissors, place the straw in the order of length, and then fix it with transparent tape.

As shown in the figure, the Panpipe has already been made. Hurry to make it!

Wonderful use 2: Flowers

Real flowers are troublesome to manage. It's better to make artificial flowers with straw.

Materials: wire, waste cloth, straw.


1. Prepare many straws;

2. Cut the straw into a small section;

3. Twist the wire into petal shape;

4. Insert a section of straw into the wire and fix it finally;

5. Wrap the exposed wire with waste cloth.

As shown in the picture, a straw flower is completed.


Wonderful use 3: straw vase

Materials: transparent straw, wrapping paper with color you like

1. If the straw has an inclined point, cut off the inclined point, but pay attention to the same length of each straw;

2. Tear the wrapping paper into strips and insert it into the straw;

3. Place the straw as shown in the figure;

4. Finally, fix the suction pipe with string.

As shown in the picture, the straw vase is finished, and then put the flowers in it. It's unique!

Wonderful use 4: take strawberry

When eating strawberries, top the straw from the bottom to the strawberries. When eating strawberries, you don't need to go to the strawberries by hand, which saves a lot of things!

Clever use 5: clear the water channel

According to the direction of the arrow in the figure, cut the straws diagonally and staggered on both sides, and pay attention not to cut the straws,

Then drain the water, put the straw into the drainage pipe, gently rotate the straw, so that the hair hidden in the drainage pipe and some small garbage will be brought out by the straw!

Well, I didn't expect that the straw could play like this! Hurry up and make it!

You know what other straws are good for

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